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Colombian Artist on the news blog

Moda Week International is delighted to announce the participation of renowned Colombian artist Esperanza Tielbaard in this year's event. Esperanza Tielbaard draws inspiration from decades of international travel and her deep connection with nature, as well as her appreciation for Abstract Expressionists. Her work is a vivid celebration of freedom, color, movement, and the energy she derives from natural environments. Each composition invites observers to analyze colors, reimagine lines, and engage in the transformative power of art.

Tielbaard's artistic evolution is evident in her continuous exploration of images that metamorphose in each piece, a hallmark of her creative process. Throughout her illustrious career, Esperanza Tielbaard has exhibited across the Americas and Europe, participating in prestigious international shows in; the UK, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Italy, Serbia, Mexico, and France. Noteworthy moments include a solo exhibition at the Colombian Consulate in Manhattan, NY, which hosted Colombian dignitaries and 32 mayors.

Since 2013, Tielbaard has expanded her artistic endeavors to curate spaces and galleries for fashion events, showcasing her multifaceted approach to the arts. In Colombia, she has earned recognition for her leadership in community-driven public art projects, the production of public murals, and the facilitation of art workshops

Esperanza Tielbaard's contributions extend beyond artistry. In 2020, she was honored by the state of New Jersey for her role in Newark's New Jersey’s Arts Expo, where her exhibit, workshops, and participation in a domestic violence vigil left a significant impact. Her commitment to engaging communities through art is evident through various projects, including workshops and classes.

Her accolades include receiving the Memorial Prize at the Associated Artists of Central NY members show. Moreover, her series "Through These Eyes, Landscape" secured 1st Place in the abstract category at the 2022 Biennial international exhibit of Contemporary Art in Cali, Colombia.

Esperanza Tielbaard's participation in Moda Week International adds a dynamic dimension to the event, celebrating the fusion of artistic expression and fashion in the most captivating way.

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