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Exciting news arrives from the world of fashion: the "Moda Week International" event is poised to captivate design and style enthusiasts worldwide. This event promises to be a visual feast brimming with creativity and elegance, featuring the participation of some of the most prominent designers, including Pesvebiny Georgian Cultural Center, Esperanza Tielbaard, Lela Kartvelishvili, Luigi Leather Wear, Pietro Paradiso APulian, Prashant Goyal, Ruslan Khvastov from Ukraine, and Tony Boga.

Moda Week International is a platform dedicated to celebrating international culture and showcasing the exceptional talent of Haute Couture Art, ready to captivate audiences with a dazzling display of fashion brilliance. Moda Week International is a leading platform committed to fostering creativity, innovation, and style. It brings together a spectrum of visionaries, from acclaimed fashion designers to dedicated volunteers, to create unforgettable experiences that shape the future of the fashion industry.

Moda Week International extends a warm invitation to all fashion enthusiasts, industry experts, and aficionados to join in this momentous event. By attending, you will have the privilege of witnessing the convergence of creativity, innovation, and style at its zenith. From the exquisite creations to the modern proposals of designers like Luigi Leather Wear, this event caters to all tastes.

One of the most exciting aspects of this event is the sale of tickets to attend the fashion shows and presentations. This is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of fashion and closely admire the unique pieces these talented designers have created with passion and dedication.

Join us for the NEW YORK CITY FASHION SHOW, a fusion of fashion and philanthropy. Our NYCFS 2023 fashion show is not only about international art and style but also about supporting our extended families affected by the MAUI WILDFIRES. Your ticket sales and donations directly contribute to helping those in need. Together, we are a powerful force generating a positive impact on lives. Let's unite, elevate, and demonstrate that together we are stronger:

"We take great pride in presenting the New York City Fashion Show, which stands as a testament to the enduring vitality of the fashion industry," affirmed the visionary minds behind Moda Week International: Esmeralda Harwood, Bojan Jovic, Dimitri Manuel, Robert Miraglia, Esperanza Tielbaard, Francesco Oppi, Guillermo Eguizabal, Internship Students, and our Extended Production Team. "This event serves as a global and powerful platform to spotlight exceptional talent, foster cultural exchange, and ignite the inspiration that propels the fashion world."

To further incentivize ticket purchases, various promotions and exclusive benefits are being offered to attendees. From preferred seating to the opportunity to engage with designers in Q&A sessions, "Moda Week International" is dedicated to making each visitor feel special and a part of this unique experience.

So, if you're a fashion enthusiast seeking to dive into a world of creativity and cutting-edge style, you simply cannot miss out on "Moda Week International"! Prepare to witness the latest fashion trends and support these talented designers by acquiring your tickets and enjoying an unforgettable event.




Get ready to turn heads and make a statement with MWINTL's stunning designs. Saturday, Sept 2nd, 2023.


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