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SATURDAY, SEPT 2nd, 2023


Join us for NEW YORK CITY FASHION SHOW, a fusion of fashion and philanthropy! Our NYCFS 2023 fashion show is not just about fine art and international style, but about supporting our extended families affected by the MAUI WILDFIRES. Your ticket sales and donations directly help those in need. Together, we're a powerful force, making a positive impact on lives. Let's unite, uplift, and show that we're stronger together. See you there!


As a platform dedicated to celebrating international culture and showcasing the exceptional talent of Haute Couture Art, Moda Week International is set to captivate audiences with a mesmerizing display of fashion brilliance.

This grand occasion brings together an esteemed ensemble of professionals, including renowned fashion designers, mesmerizing performances, talented fine artists, top models, influential media and press, as well as dedicated volunteers. Their collective passion and unwavering commitment promise to deliver an unforgettable experience that sets the stage for success.

Moda Week International extends a cordial invitation to all fashion enthusiasts, industry insiders, and aficionados to join in this momentous event. By attending, you will have the privilege of witnessing the convergence of creativity, innovation, and style at its zenith

"We are proud to present the New York City Fashion Show, which stands as a testament to the enduring vitality of the fashion industry," said Esmeralda Harwood, Bojan Jovic, Dimitri Manuel, Robert Miraglia, Esperanza Tielbaard, Francesco Oppi, Guillermo Eguizabal, Internship Students and our Extended Production Team. The visionaries behind Moda Week International. "This event serves as a global and powerful platform to promote exceptional talent, foster cultural exchange, and ignite inspiration that propels the fashion world.

The New York City Fashion Show promises to be a thrilling spectacle, featuring cutting-edge designs, awe-inspiring performances, and an ambiance of unparalleled elegance. It is an unmissable opportunity for fashion enthusiasts, industry professionals, and the global media to witness the evolution of fashion on a grand scale.

Moda Week International welcomes you to join in this celebration of haute couture artistry and be part of a milestone event that will shape the future of the fashion industry.





The Artistic Visionary of Costume Design. 
In the world of fashion and theater, one name shines brightly: Ruslan Khvastov. Born and raised in Odessa, Ukraine, Ruslan's journey into costume design began early, nurtured by his family's recognition of his innate creativity. With a background in Fine Arts, Ruslan embarked on a career that would bridge the gap between art and fashion. He started at the travel agency "Ksimekstur," designing for the "Odessa" ballet troupe. This marked the beginning of a remarkable career.

Ruslan's talent led him to the Actor's Odessa House, the Union of Theatrical Figures, and the firm "Fiesta." His work at the Creative Association "Amis" showcased his ability to transform everyday materials into art. He extended his creativity to film studios in Odessa, Moscow, and Kiev, seamlessly blending history and contemporary aesthetics in his costume designs. A highlight of his career was his role as a costume designer at the Theater "Zoloti vorota" in Kiev, where his creations earned critical acclaim.

Today, Ruslan Khvastov's legacy continues to inspire emerging talents in costume design. His dedication to excellence and his ability to merge fashion with storytelling remain an enduring source of inspiration.


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Pietro Paradiso Apulian of origin and citizen of the world.

 He boasts very young collaborations with Valentino Garavani, Carlo Pignatelli and Patrizia Brenner in Italy.  He will work in Paris for Ted lapisud and in New York for the Greek stylist Demetrios Apostolopulos.  Since 2014 he has been selling his demi-couture collections in the Chinese district of Beijing and Shanghai through the luxury group Ximan Color. After having paraded for several seasons in the calendar of the Camera della Moda Italiana in Milan during the Fashion week.  The latest prestigious award took place on 12 July during the Cannes International Film Festival during a charity evening in favor of disadvantaged children in Cameroon organized by Manuel Collas de la Roche, former personal secretary of the Dalai Lama. Already in 2007 Capital counted him among the 100 men in Italy to have done something good for humanity. Always attentive to the support of the weakest, he founds "a garment for the soul". A traveling fair of ethical and sustainable fashion where the events raise funds for cancer research. Many fashion artists and jewelery artisans collaborate on the divination project which sees women treated at the oncological center of the Bari hospital as protagonists with a creative experiment of transposing their own pain onto t-shirts. Pietro argues that in this modality suffering  is viaticum for its acceptance through the work of art. There are still many projects in progress, including that of helping minors forced to make carpets in Turkey through their little hands...




I was born in Istanbul in 1965. I have been working actively since my high school years. In 1982, I got a start in business in furniture just as my father. Then in 1984, I opened up a store in Bakırköy to sell video cassettes which was very popular at that time. I also continued the university while I was working. I have graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Archeology. In 1989, I stepped into the leather industry in the Grand Bazaar. Under the brand of Luigi Leather (Gürsel Deri Tekstil Kuyumculuk San. Trade Ltd. Sti.), I started to produce leather and fur garments in 1993, I developed my customer portfolio by attending various fairs both in Turkey and abroad.


I am the only Turkish leather brand to show up at New York Fashion Week. I have served in many non-governmental organizations for my sector; such as TDKD Board Member, IDMIB Board Member, TİM Delegate, TDKD Board Chairman, TOBB Delegate, ITO Assembly Member. In addition to these, I served as the Vice-President of the Turkish Judo Federation, and I have been a member of Beşiktaş Sports Club Congress for many years. I love to play backgammon. My hobbies include movies, traveling, playing football and basketball, as well as watching football and basketball matches. Thinking of my retirement, I opened a cafe-restaurant called EVİN CAFE in Fethiye in 2019. I am married with 1 daughter and 1 son.