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AGUST, FRIDAY 30th, 2024

Welcome to the New York City Fashion Show, where Fashion, Music, Real Estate, and Wall Street converge, epitomizing the American Dream and highlighting our collective strength as a One Nation.


As a platform dedicated to celebrating international culture and showcasing the exceptional talent of Haute Couture, Fine Art, Moda Week International is set to captivate audiences with a mesmerizing display of the most powerful industries come together to unite the realms of Fashion, Music, Real Estate, and Wall Street, embodying the American dream and showcasing our collective strength as a nation.

This grand occasion brings together an esteemed ensemble of professionals, including renowned fashion designers, mesmerizing performances, talented fine artists, top models, influential media and press coverage, as well as dedicated volunteers. Their collective passion and unwavering commitment promise to deliver an unforgettable experience that sets the stage for success.

We are proud to present the New York City Fashion Show 2024, which stands as a testament to the enduring vitality of the fashion industry, said the fashion show producer, Mrs. Esmeralda Harwood, and our Extended Executive Production Team Diurka Diaz, Pia Michelson, Ivan Morales, Angelina Frommer, Lukas Coffey, Esperanza Tielbaard, Bojan Jovic, Francesco Oppi, Guillermo Eguizabal, Internship Students, behind Moda Week International Fashion Show Production. 

Our event serves as a global and powerful platform to promote exceptional business alliances.  The New York City Fashion Show 2024, It is an unmissable opportunity for fashion enthusiasts, industry professionals, and the global media to witness the evolution of fashion on a grand scale.

Moda Week International invites you to join us in New York City Fashion Show 2024 and be part of this milestone showcasing the power of the business industry.


Experience the fashion industry through our international network. 

For personalized recommendations and inquiries about participating in our global fashion show events, please contact us directly at or via WhatsApp at +16802145633.

We would be more than happy to assist you in getting access to the right locations for your brand.

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