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We are delighted to announce the new date for our much-anticipated event, which promises to be grander than ever. For the first time, we are introducing the MWINTL FASHION EXPO, scheduled for November 1st and 2nd, 2024, at The Chelsea Industrial, NYC. We warmly welcome all business alliances to join us for this spectacular occasion.

This year’s event goes beyond fashion, offering a bigger stage to showcase innovation across various industries. The MWINTL FASHION EXPO will feature cutting-edge advancements in technology and sustainability, and lifestyle, bringing together the best minds and brands from around the world. This expansion allows us to make a more significant impact and reach a broader audience, fostering a spirit of collaboration and excellence.

As the premier commerce alliances, elevate your brand’s exposure with Moda Week International. Your company will be prominently displayed and recognized throughout the entire event and promotions, enjoying exclusive benefits that will set you apart from the competition. We offers unparalleled visibility, ensuring your brand stands out in the competitive landscape.

Benefits include:
•    Prime exposure branding opportunities across all event materials and platforms, 

     digital and printing 
•    Exclusive networking sessions with industry leaders and influencers
•    VIP access to all events and exhibitions
•    Special features in our event publications and media coverage
•    Dedicated support to maximize your brand’s presence and engagement

Our sponsorship categories are designed to cater to a diverse range of industries, including but not limited to:

•   Airlines
•    Cable and Telephone Providers
•    Corporate Companies
•    Credit Card Companies
•    Hair/Makeup Companies
•    Health Products
•    Hotels
•    Jewelry and Accessories
•    Liquor Stores
•    Real Estate
•    Restaurants
•    Shoe Brands
•    Transportation Services
•    Travel Agencies
•    Venue Spaces And many more

Join us in making the MWINTL Fashion Expo an extraordinary experience that celebrates innovation, creativity, and excellence across diverse industries. Moda Week International Fashion Expo invites you to be a part of this milestone event, showcasing the power and potential of the business industry.

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Experience the fashion industry through our international network. 

For personalized recommendations and inquiries about participating in our global fashion show events, please contact us directly at or via WhatsApp at +16802145633.

We would be more than happy to assist you in getting access to the right locations for your brand.

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