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OSMON's Transformative Artistry Graces Moda Week International

Moda Week International welcomes the visionary Colombian artist, O. Steven Monsalve, known affectionately as OSMON, to its global platform. Born in Cali on June 8, 1987, Monsalve is a multifaceted artist whose work transcends boundaries, blending digital innovation with artisanal craftsmanship.

A Fusion of Digital and Artisanal Craftsmanship

OSMON's artistic journey is a captivating blend of digital exploration and traditional artistry. Renowned for his Electronic Post Prog music project and Abstract Pixel Sorted Glitch art, Monsalve pushes the boundaries of creativity across multiple mediums.

Using a series of algorithms, Monsalve decomposes and recomposes photography into mesmerizing artworks that defy convention. These digital creations are then translated onto canvas, where Monsalve infuses them with new life using acrylics and artisanal materials. The result is a harmonious convergence of digital precision and tactile expression, inviting viewers into a world where technology and tradition coexist in perfect harmony.

Celebrating Achievement and Innovation

Monsalve's groundbreaking work has garnered widespread acclaim, earning him the prestigious 2022 Best Digital Artist award at the International Biennial of Contemporary Arts in Cali, Colombia. His series of abstract glitch art pieces, such as "Above & Below," "Luciana II," and "A Bloodred Path," captivate audiences with their evocative imagery and masterful technique.

Join the Moda Week International Movement

As Moda Week International continues to champion creativity and innovation on a global scale, we extend a warm invitation to artists like O. Steven Monsalve to join our vibrant community. With a diverse lineup of talent from around the world, Moda Week International offers a unique platform for artists to showcase their work, connect with fellow creatives, and inspire audiences worldwide.

Connect with OSMON

Discover more of O. Steven Monsalve's captivating artwork on Instagram and explore his portfolio on his website. For inquiries and collaborations, reach out to Monsalve directly via email or phone.

Embrace the Intersection of Art and Technology

At Moda Week International, we celebrate artists who push the boundaries of creativity and embrace the intersection of art and technology. Join us as we continue to champion innovation, diversity, and artistic excellence on a global scale. Together, let's shape the future of fashion and art.

Contact O. Steven Monsalve (OSMON):

- Instagram: @osmon

- Phone: +057 315 404 3694

- Website:


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