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Macedonian designer Zlatko Jovanovski with a new collection presented at a show in Georgia

The 'Z' collection was specially made for the show in Georgia, at the 'Georgia Couture Fashion Week'. I was invited to that fashion event as a special guest, someone to open the event, because the organization knew I would put on a real show. It was a requirement to have new creations, some of which have not been presented anywhere before. I made 17 new creations and left for Tbilisi" - said Zlatko.

"I tried my best to dedicate myself to the creations, but also to the music and the fashion short film by Marina Trajkovska, so that we get a complete fashion show. However, there were designers from France, Armenia, Jordan, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Serbia and naturally local from Georgia, and I wanted to present Macedonia in the best light. And according to the applause on social networks and the comments of the audience present there, I think I succeeded in that," added Jovanovski.

"The 'Z' collection is inspired by the mirror. When I look in the mirror, I see a complete and perfect person, to all that I add sparkles of crystals, stones, beads. I try to make each of my next collections better than the previous one, be more hours embroidered and always have something new."

"King JZJ - The King of Glitter, wouldn't be a king without a crown on his head, so this time I made myself a new crown that is in the theme of the collection itself. I think I did a great job and showed that Macedonia also knows what world fashion is," says Jovanovski.

Published on November 22, 2022


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