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Luigi Leather attracted great attention at the New York City Fashion Show

Turkey's leading leather clothing brand Luigi Leather showcased its new creations at the New York City Fashion Show held in the USA.

In the organization held in New York, Luigi Leather brand, one of the leading leather companies in Turkey, presented its new foreign creations with 22 foreign models.

Musa Evin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gürsel Deri company, headquartered in Istanbul, stated that he was pleased with the attention they received at the New York City Fashion Show.

ECONOMYThe Turkish leather industry made a landing in the USA. The Turkish wind blew at the New York City Fashion Show. Luigi Deri exhibited its collections made with 100% Turkish fabrics as part of the New York Fashion Show.

Luigi Deri Chairman of the Board Musa Evin said,

“ We brought Turkish designs to the world's podiums with 100% Turkish fabrics in New York, one of the world's leading fashion centers . The thousands of years of history of the Turkish textile industry continues to carry the works that make us proud to the world podiums with the same success.

Let's bring the famous designers who shape fashion to Turkey.

Let's give them the opportunity to create their own collections free of charge. So these designers will be our leather promotion ambassadors. It will make Turkish leather more known to the world. Let's do the same work with world-famous bloggers and influencers. Let's bring them to Turkey, dress them in leather products and let them share," he said.


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