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It's been confirmed Amazon Fashion Week 2019

Art sister borders. Three countries: Colombia, Peru and Brazil have a lot to show off at the first Amazonas Fashion Week (AFW) 2019, which will bring together outstanding fashion and haute couture figures not only from this part of the continent, but from other countries such as the United States, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The conclave will take place in Leticia (Colombia), when on June 14, 15 and 16 this city dresses up to receive dozens of models and thousands of spectators. The organization of this event falls to the executive promoter Esmeralda Harwood after her tour of the border cities, particularly Iquitos, during her search for local designers with jungle motivations.

These are the Bora, Ticuna, Yaguas, Cocamas collections, including the Asháninkas, who have been invited to exhibit their products together with representatives of haute couture from other continents and distant countries such as Romania, Egypt and the Dubai of the emirates.

“This non-profit event aims to raise funds to help schools and repair hospitals in indigenous communities. For this reason, it will be held in the Santander de Leticia park with a production made up of about 500 people”, said the businesswoman from the country of cumbia in conversation with EXPRESO.

The projections of this type of event obviously cover Peru, particularly Iquitos, which is another exotic center of the art of sewing and cooking on the banks of that wonder of the world that is the Amazon River.


"It would be a great advance in the integration of our towns to hold the second Amazon Fashion Week in Iquitos, where we have business friends linked to art and fashion," says Esmeralda Harwood, who manages the well-known business brand 'MWINTL' and works as co-publisher Fashion Style International magazine.

Published on February 25, 2019

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