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First time of Amazon Fashion week 2019

The state of Amazon of the Republic of Colombia will dress up in June when the first version of Amazona Fashion Week AFW 2019 becomes a reality in the city of Leticia, it will be the first international haute couture philanthropic event that is projected to go away extending to other countries in the Amazon region such as Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador and others.

To promote this event, the executive producer is in Iquitos, Esmeralda Harwood, who came to seek the interest of local haute couture designers with Amazonian motivations.

The purpose of this non-profit event is intended to raise funds to help schools, repair hospitals in indigenous communities. It will be held on June 14, 15 and 16 in the Santander de Leticia park with an integrated production of about 500 people. The proposal is 15 years old in the world of fashion and for the first time it will take place in the Colombian Amazon.

During the show, ethnic and autochthonous clothing from the Amazon region will be presented based on the Bora, Ticuna, Yaguas and Cocamas collections of local artisan designers. They will also exhibit a haute couture collection from Africa and Europe.

The producer wondered why in a future edition not to do it in Iquitos and it would be a blessing to have an event of this magnitude and with social projection for the people of Loreto. “It is an event that will change the lives of many young people focused on education. The purpose is to make a blessed spectacle for the future”.

Some of the international designers who will participate in the AFW are from Romania, the Middle East, Dubai, Colombia, Egypt, among others.

Esmeralda Harwood's biography tells us that she is a versatile business administrator with experience working as CEO of luxury magazine Moda Style International and as co-executive producer at leading couture events in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

With vocation, perseverance and an accredited work, they make this Colombian a brilliant manager and businesswoman with style and her own stamp in the fashion industry. Well, as executive producer of Moda Week International, she creates and produces unique shows around the world where today, she has more than one hundred productions internationally.

Her successful career in promoting haute couture has transformed the industry from her own corporate brand, “MWINTL”, into a luxury company of importance in international fashion promotion. There renowned designers dress the catwalk in their best clothes, in an environment of artistic, social and cultural programming for the most select audience. Its events bring together national and international celebrities as well as investors and the public that consumes high-end fashion.

Esmeralda Harwood is creativity, inspiration, proactivity, and a philanthropic spirit. Her roots connect her with her ancestors from the Amazonian universe of a thousand colors, aromas, and textures. She was born in Leticia, Amazonas, in southern Colombia; in the middle of the green jungle on the banks of the mightiest river in the world, in a multiethnic and biodiverse land. The natural and cultural environment of her land inspire her to create “Esmeralds”. Foundation for the education and culture of the people, whose mission leads the work of social responsibility articulated to Moda Week International.

In Fashion, glamour, the art of design and haute couture, Esmeralda Harwood regulates the essence of life, letting her sensitive spirit flow, to move forward materializing dreams of harmony and social balance. Her renowned events and parades travel and stop over on different continents, inviting sponsors, investors and spectators to weave a better world for the less fortunate.

Her vision of life, as mighty as her Amazon River, makes such a self-sacrificing humanitarian mission achievable, finding in the threads of the universe of Moda Week International” the maximum expression of her great passion for International Fashion, hand in hand with the work of good , being that she defines and shares us in Giving, Receiving and Regulating, supporting and recognizing in others, beings and people of prosperity and opportunities.

A collection of haute couture from Africa and Europe will also be exhibited at the event.

Some of the international designers who will participate in the AFW are from Romania, the Middle East, Dubai, Colombia, Egypt, among others.

"The Amazon is life, future, hope, so holding this type of event in favor of youth, culture, education and nature preservation fills us with great satisfaction as the organizing team," said Esmeralda Harwood, executive director of both from Amazona Fashion week as from Moda Week International

For Diurka Díaz, president of Díaz Publicist, in charge of international publicity for the AFW "it is a commitment and honor as a company to be part of such a laudable show that promotes culture, education and health in a country so rich in natural resources, but above all in favor of society such as Amazona Fashion Week”.

AFW will be taking place on June 14, 15 and 16, 2019 at Santander Park in Leticia, Amazona, Colombia and it will have a production made up of 500 people in addition to presentations by renowned local and international artists.

Prior to the parade there will be small fashion design workshops, seminars for teachers from different schools, model casting, as well as the lighting of a Christmas tree for the first time in Santander Park.

Moda Week International is a company with 15 years in the world of fashion, focused on working with industry professionals throughout the Middle East, Europe and Africa, made up of a team of 50 people and chaired by fashion designer Esmeralda Harwood.

The atelier has always been characterized by carrying out philanthropic activities. Dubai, Egypt, Lebanon, Syracuse, New York, are some places where the renowned fashion company has held fashion shows to benefit the community.

Published : February 15, 2019.


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