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Amazonas Fashion Week Confirms D'CRAFT Participation. Fashion Designers Jenny Cuartas & Mayra Balles

Every effort to use the power of imagination and persevere in the recognition of cultures, the diversity of traditional knowledge and the perfectible, has an incalculable value, to enhance the present, with a long-term vision of the future that is well worth the sorrow.

This was what two young entrepreneurs envisioned, to make the decision in 2018 to formally venture into the world of lingerie design with an emphasis on the bralette - a combination of the common bra and a crop top-. Made by hand with the crochet technique using the knowledge learned from their elders, that's how D'CRAFT was born!

Jenny Cuartas, Barranquillera and Mayra Ballesta, from San Pedro de Urabá, residents of the city of Montería, understood that by joining knowledge and efforts, they could create unique pieces of lingerie for contemporary women, mixing the tradition of hand-knitting with different designs. , romantic, elegant and comfortable, which combine the beauty of natural fibers with the simplicity and sensuality of today's woman. Despite its brief history, D'CRAFT has a unique and diverse collection of art made of lingerie.

Even though it is a young brand, with a presence on digital platforms for its commercialization, in the same year of its creation, it was invited to participate in entrepreneurship and design scenarios such as; The “Creative Hunting” fair and the “Genesis Art and Design” Fair organized by the City Hall.

D'CRAFT, advances as a project in continuous renewal that adapts to the tastes and needs of today's women, with Colombian talent and design.

Published April 2, 2019


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