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Esperanza Tielbaard. Fine Art

Passionated Fine Artist 

Welcome To Esperanza Tielbaard.
Fine Art

Esperanza Tielbaard is a multidisciplinary artist whose work includes acrylics, water-based media on yupo paper, multi-media installations, murals, mosaics, stained glass, the curation of galleries and fashion shows. The artist’s decades of international travel, time spent in nature, and her appreciation of Abstract Expressionists inspire her past and present work. Tielbaard’s artwork is a celebration of freedom, colour, movement, and the energy she experiences when in natural environments. Her compositions invite the observer to analyze colour and reformulate lines.

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Esperanza Tielbaard. Fine Art
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- Artca 

- New Jersey Artist Collective

- FMGC Federacion Mundial de.Gestores Culturales

- Expolatina de Arte de Colombia. Arte sin fronteras

- Fundacion Maclan. Museum de Arte contemporaneo Latinoamericano.

- NJ artist collective, NJ, 2018-2022

- Open Figure Drawing Group, Syracuse, NY, 2007-2012

- North Syracuse Art Guild, Syracuse, NY, 2011

- Associated Artists of Central NY, 2011

- North Syracuse Art Guild, Syracuse, NY, 2007 

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Series of Flowers, Free movement.
Number #12

Series of Flores
Number #59