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Journey of Céline Pellerin: A Tale of Passion and Creativity

Moda Week International proudly welcomes Céline Pellerin, an artist whose journey from Québec City, Canada, to the global stage is as inspiring as her vibrant artworks. As the fifth child in a family of six, Pellerin's artistic odyssey began as a refuge, blossoming into a lifelong passion that continues to evolve and inspire.

From Solitude to Self-Expression: A Journey Unveiled

Growing up near Québec City, Pellerin discovered her love for the arts amid moments of solitude, finding solace and self-expression in her creative pursuits. From childhood sketches to professional endeavors, Pellerin's journey is a testament to the transformative power of art.

A Multifaceted Talent: Embracing Creativity in All Its Forms

As a mother, engineer, and self-taught artist, Pellerin's path is as diverse as her artwork. With a background in technical industrial engineering and neuro-linguistic programming, Pellerin brings a unique perspective to her art, continuously honing her skills and exploring new mediums.

A Heart for Giving: Using Art to Make a Difference

Throughout her career, Pellerin has used her artistic talents to give back to her community, contributing drawings to the Children's Wish Foundation and supporting various charitable causes. Her passion for painting shines through in every brushstroke, reflecting her unwavering commitment to making a positive impact through art.

Joining Moda Week International: A Global Platform for Creativity

Moda Week International is proud to welcome artists like Céline Pellerin to our global platform, where creativity knows no bounds. As we celebrate diversity and innovation in the world of fashion and art, we invite artists from all backgrounds to join us in shaping the future of creativity.

Connect with Céline Pellerin

Explore more of Céline Pellerin's captivating artwork on her website and follow her journey on social media. For inquiries and collaborations, reach out to Pellerin directly via email.

Embrace the Power of Art

At Moda Week International, we believe in the transformative power of art to inspire, uplift, and unite us all. Join us as we celebrate the beauty of diversity and creativity on a global stage. Together, let's make art accessible to all and foster a community where every artist's voice is heard. Fine Artist Form | MWINTL (

Contact Céline Pellerin:


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