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Amazonian entrepreneur triumphs in the US

This is about Esmeralda Harwood who will hold an event in the Big Apple in New York in September 2018.

Esmeralda Harwood is a young businesswoman who has left the Amazon jungle and now, from New York, United States, she successfully ventures into the fashion industry not only in the northern country but also exchanges her work and presentations in some Arab countries. .

In this way, specialists say, she makes a kind of synthesis or syncretism of the different visions that range from Amazonian exoticism and are intermingled with the glamor of the New York megapolis and the contributions of fashion creations from Dubai and Egypt.

A test of that itinerary and that art was seen on Saturday, February 17 of 2018 in New York. It was a luxury show of ultramodern fashion, with an exhibition of fine clothes and beauty in the capital of fashion and culture in the West.

Esmeralda works through Moda Week International (MWINTL), which has been operating since 2009. It is an international company based in the United States dedicated to the production of haute couture and the best luxury fashion shows.

“The firm has offices positioned globally to promote the best of various fashion cultures, that is, it works with experts and artists from different ethnic origins and countries," says the entrepreneur.

Likewise, Moda Week is obviously a high-end platform that produces Haute Couture and Prêt-à-Porter, also characterized by the production of luxury fashion shows for the finest brands, with innumerable presentations on various continents.

This is so because the aforementioned company, apart from venturing into artistic and cultural events and investments in handicrafts and other items, has a striking line that is the training studios for student designs by Olivia Cerniglia and Jes Davis.

Among the most prominent haute couture fashion designers, Esmeralda specifies, are Amr Elbanna, SD Fashion Brand, Asmae Chariz Zemmouri and Grant Finale by Lamia Latrous, among others.

In short, the recent stellar event in February in the Big Apple has had very good comments from specialized critics and they augur many successes for its organizers.

Published: 04 March 2018


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