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Steven Monsalve

Fine Artist

Welcome To OSMON

O. Steven Monsalve “OSMON” is a Colombian artist born in Cali on June 8, 1987. He has worked on multiple music projects as a producer and musician, music genres like Metal, Electro Pop, Folk, R&B, Hip-hop, and K-pop. The music project OSMON is his Electronic Post Prog work as a soloist. As a visual artist, he is known for his intervened Abstract Pixel Sorted Glitch art. The artist takes pictures and, through a series of algorithms, decomposes and recomposes the photography into a new artwork.

With the new artwork on a canvas, he then paints with acrylics and uses artisanal materials to find a new dimension in the artwork.


OSMON is a meeting between two words: Digital meets artisanal. Winner of the 2022 Best Digital Artist award, at the International Biennial of Contemporary Arts, in Cali, Colombia

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