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September 9th, 2023

We are very pleased to announce our worldwide haute couture and prat-e-porter fashion show
production. Moda Week International, to take place in New York City! We are delighted to extend you
the opportunity to be a part of it!.The production fashion event will be showcasing the fine collections
of several high fashion designers as well as a variety of fashion-related exhibits and performance
presentations throughout the day. Land of Fashion being a fashion center in the world, we firmly
believe you and your company can create a great partnership with us in order to reach a diverse and
enthusiastic audience as well as to promote community benevolence, cultural diversity and social
conscience. We look forward to working with you and become part of the family MODA WEEK


THE STUDENT PROGRAM: The philosophy is to provide opportunities and enrich the educational
experience for students in the field of fashion and art. Our mission is to offer aspiring fashion design
student the opportunity of a lifetime – a chance to work in the production team and showcase their
clothing collection in our world class fashion shows. Our student programs recognizes the importance
of education and we will provide the support for their future careers. Your support will allow us to grant
a performance of the fashion show production along with invaluable real world experience that will
help to propel very deserving students into a successful career. As a participant event supporter, you
will have the opportunity to be a part of an exclusive event held twice a year. The luxury event that
celebrates life with the purpose of conveying joy, glamour, and awareness support through the
medium of high fashion show execution. This event provides an opportunity for attendees to
be educated about the fashion industry. Current fashion designers with over thirty years of experience
and upcoming student fashion designs selected by our executive producers. Should
you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

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